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Amatller Chocolate Flower Boxes
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Amatller Chocolate Flower Boxes

Even though it is new, this graphic is inspired by the visual legacy of the brand. The great appeal of a vintage image, rich and well cared for, is ideal for products that are exponents of the social role of chocolate as a gift, for example when they take the form of filled chocolates.

This is the case with the varieties of Amatller's filled chocolates called 'Flors' (flowers). The vertical cases in different colours depending on the variety are an interesting and different alternative to the classic boxes of chocolates and there is no doubt that they will attract attention.

Amatller, Packaging

La Granja, special range with fruit and vegetables
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La Granja, special range with fruit and vegetables

It is known that it is important to include fruit and vegetables in our diet, a source of many vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, specially amongst the younger generation. What happens is that they are not taken as often as is desirable. Then, why not make them more attractive? With this in mind, La Granja in collaboration with the Alicia Foundation, an organization that promotes the improvement of eating habits, formulated three varieties of mini muffins that incorporate fruit, vegetables and also yoghurt. The cardboard on the transparent bags of La Granja, a presentation that is already an important asset of the brand's image, become in a very original way three characters that give the range a personal profile.

La Granja, Packaging

Roura scented candles
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Roura scented candles

Few products must have broadened their usability as candles have. In addition to the original lighting functionality, they can also be used as aroma diffusers or as decorative objects. This growing multi-sensoriality has turned candles into objects as subtle as they are powerful, capable of giving character to spaces, creating or modifying environments and influencing people's states of mind.

To convey all this richness demands a delicate and attractive presence as well. In this range, even the profile of the chosen aromas respond to a level of sophistication that must be respected and maintained when designing its presence as an object. According to this perception, the illustrations that appear on the cardboard boxes are more evocative than strictly descriptive.

Ceras Roura, Packaging

Mariebel, ready-to-fill bases
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Mariebel, ready-to-fill bases

This is a category of food product that is closely associated with a geographical origin. The proof is that words like vol-au-vent or tartlet are loanwords borrowed from French culinary terms. Technically, the origin also defines how the product is made. From its facilities in Atlantic France, Mariebel specialises in the production of puff pastry according to the so-called classic or French method, which establishes when and how it is kneaded, so that when the pasta is baked, the crunchy sheets form and acquire flavour, volume and lightness.

In short, the best proof of Mariebel's superior quality stems from the storytelling of its particular elaboration and the imaginery of its truly French tradition and origin. Its packaging would appeal to what we consider to be the most effective perception of value for this category and in any market: the renowned French gastronomic prestige, expressed with timeless elegance and classicism. Last but not least, the packaging had to make the gastronomic promise of a product that requires a preparation irresistible, so it was key to reflect the appetite appeal by suggesting attractive preparation ideas to encourage the trial. The new packaging was going to make a total break from the previous one (see image 7).

With the relaunch of the brand, an organic puff pastry line has also been presented. A valuable contribution at the time of its renewal and in its field of specialization, puff pastry products. To support the new image of the brand, the organic presentations are not structurally different from the regular ones, being identified by the light green color of the strip containing the Mariebel brand on the cases (image 3).

Mariebel, Packaging

GoldenBridge, Muesli Crujiente range

GoldenBridge, Muesli Crujiente range

Design of a new range of 3 varieties of muesli under the GoldenBridge brand name.

The GoldenBridge range of muesli varieties was already extensive, but this new range was to be included because its characteristics fitted in better with the majority of local tastes. We therefore proposed to name it “Muesli Crujiente” (Crispy Muesli) to highlight this particular feature.

The two GoldenBridge muesli ranges share an imagery of natural tradition. The design of their boxes presents a front part with an overhead photo shot of the bowl with the product and milk. In the case of the “Muesli Crujiente” line, the intense tones of the image highlight the wooden texture on which the bowl is resting, like that of a table that has become cracked over the years, with the evocative ingredients of each variety around it. The personal character of the specific calligraphy, created for the name of the range and each variety, completes the perception of a product with traditional, artisan roots, which provides all the quality of simple, healthy and natural ingredients.

GoldenBridge, Packaging