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Balliu Website
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Balliu Website

Design and programming of BALLIU's website, an outdoor furniture company. The main challenge was to provide a simple access to its ample catalogue so as to visualize, one by one, more than 300 options of product, ensued from the combination of different models and structure materials with all their finishing options in terms of colours and fabrics. At the same time it enables a vision of all the variaties available on every single model.

BALLIU's exporting dimension justified the incorporation of an interactive general product catalogue that could be easily modified from the head office with a simple contents manager. This on-line catalogue allows to unload the information related to any product; its picture, characteristics and specifications. The advantage of an immediate updating and the facilitation of the commercial management is only comparable to the cost reduction achieved in comparison with the expenditure of delivering product cards, photographies and physical catalogues worldwide.

Balliu, Web

Castey Website
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Castey Website

The Castey website is the most complete source of content concerning the brand and highlights a comprehensive presentation of its collections, to the point of providing information on each one of its pieces on a separate page. The extensive “Product” dropdown menu, with initial access according to the collection or type of piece sought, concisely shows the breadth of the range, providing intuitive and simple consultation.

Given Castey’s strong momentum in extending its ranges and launching new collections, the operability of an extensive and complex website such as this one is measured by the way the brand’s complete range can be reflected at any time. As well as putting all the product images at the user’s fingertips, the download zone permits access to the documentation on the characteristics and features of each collection, to its manuals for use, advertising, etc.

Castey, Web

Fundix Website
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Fundix Website

In addition to its function parallel to the brand catalogue, FUNDIX's website was meant to enable the on-line purchase of the brand's cast aluminium cookware pieces. It was important for the online procedure to be user-friendly and provide easy and intuitive navigation, allowing users to correct any possible mistakes throughout the purchasing process.

In this respect, the key question was to reflect a catalogue of pieces with a multitude of different sizes and finishings. Finally, something which is not even possible in a shop: the user is able to visualise all the references and easily change any of the specifications or correct their order up to the last moment before purchase, without having to move back to previous pages or restart any step.

The site was created to allow the company to include any discounts it may offer, to insert adds or signs and to modify prices on any reference, as well as discount cookware sets in a special "Outlet" section.

All these options are only possible using a programme that allows the company to intervene directly and easily in its on-line offer: changing references, modifying models, updating prices, etc.

Fundix, Web

Via Avgvsta Website
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Via Avgvsta Website

The website provides the largest amount of information about the brand and its products.

The desire to facilitate complete but sparing information determined the structure of the site’s contents as well as an intuitive navigation system to make them easily accessible.

This execution is part of the global project VIA AVGVSTA.

Via Avgvsta, Web

Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta Minisite
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Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta Minisite

As it is an extremely limited edition, the Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta minisite would be the main channel for communications and public relations regarding this wine. However, the wine’s category and Viña Pomal’s own personality led us to shy away from flashy visual effects often seen in digital media.

The solution was to focus on the images that tell the wine’s history and explain its winemaking process and, above all, to keep the presentation simple and calm, confident and elegant, as is befitting of the brand.

This execution is part of the global project Viña Pomal.

Viña Pomal, Global Project, Web