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VIña Pomal, a Rioja classic

VIña Pomal, a Rioja classic

Packaging redesign and shaping for a new wine. Formulation of concept and graphics to express strong brand positioning and values, ensuring its representative function in moving from a product brand to make Viña Pomal a brand in its own range development.


Viña Pomal is one of the most prestigious brands in la Rioja. Well-known for its Viña Pomal Reserva, they entrusted us with redesigning their image for the launch of Viña Pomal Crianza, which was the result of a great harvest and showed great sales potential on the market.

In the briefing, the brand’s hundred-year history was to be used to lend credibility to its target positioning of superior quality and prestige for Viña Pomal. There was no lack of facts supporting this: their place among the pioneering elite of winemakers in Rioja Alta, their century of international success and prestige, their valuable heritage of privileged and extensive vineyards surrounding their monumental winery in Haro, etc. However, little of this was left in the previous brand that lacked content: the memory of a traditional Rioja seemed to have lost relevance and interest among consumers.

The label didn’t reflect the discourse that the brand deemed essential to recover. The latest redesign had maintained important graphic traits, like the personal Viña Pomal type or the burgundy frame around the label, but the desire to modernize had done away with the rest of the traditional visual traits. They had eliminated elements that explicitly supported the credibility of the brand’s desired positioning.

Although Viña Pomal was a classic Rioja in its own right, it had shied away from not only its roots but also from the visual code associated with the Rioja greats; from the classic style of labels filled with historical references. Viña Pomal Reserva and the new Crianza had to recover their visual heritage and exhibit proof of their status as a great brand, with a prestigious past and great projection for the future. As a result, the project evolved towards a redesign that would recover the visual historical credentials of the brand while discarding any negative perception of being antiquated or old-fashioned, which would go against another great truth: the cutting-edge expertise and technology used by the winery.

Global project Viña Pomal.

Viña Pomal, Global Project, Strategy

Viña Pomal Reserva and Crianza
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Viña Pomal Reserva and Crianza

Recovering the historic legacy of the Viña Pomal image meant examining the brand’s first labels from the beginning of the 20th century. Here we find the main keys, as these labels establish the traits that set this brand’s graphic style apart from the rest of the small set of great Rioja brands it belongs to.

Eschewing the normal distribution of a symbol above the brand aligned along the central axis of the label, for many years Viña Pomal maintained a highly personal structure in which the brand alone occupied the central position, placing the illustration of their emblematic winery on the upper part of the label and off to one side. In this redesign we have returned to this distribution, balancing the space with another highly significant element, the prescriptive tag "Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja" (Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin) and a seal that expresses another asset that can be capitalized on: the fact that the brand holds the oldest bottler registration number in Spain. The elements surrounding the brand neither detract from its starring role nor make it seem old fashioned, thanks to the way they are treated graphically.

For Viña Pomal Reserva, we went back to a larger label that is more appropriate for the brand’s traditional Burgundy bottle. This bottle immediately sets the Reserva apart from the Viña Pomal Crianza, which uses a Bordeaux bottle. The latter has a smaller label that is located on the upper part of the bottle face. However most of the graphic traits of the Reserva are maintained, for example the burgundy frame.

This execution is part of the global project Viña Pomal.

Viña Pomal, Global Project, Packaging

Viña Pomal Centenario Reserva and Crianza
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Viña Pomal Centenario Reserva and Crianza

Both of these products are special editions commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Viña Pomal brand, which were destined to appear on wine lists at fine restaurants or in specialized wine shops.

On Viña Pomal Centenario, both the Reserva and the Crianza, the traditional burgundy frame seen on the Viña Pomal labels appears in old gold and the interior of the brand in grey.

This execution is part of the global project Viña Pomal.

Viña Pomal, Global Project, Packaging

Viña Pomal Gran Reserva

Viña Pomal Gran Reserva

Redesign of the brand’s Gran Reserva wine to fit with the new image of the Viña Pomal Reserva and Crianza. By maintaining the colors used in the previous presentation, we ensure that it is easily differentiated and quickly recognizable.

This execution is part of the global project Viña Pomal.

Viña Pomal, Global Project, Packaging

Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta
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Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta

Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta is a wine that expresses all the knowledge and prestige of this winery. It is the result of an ongoing selection and is only available in a very limited edition. This wine brings together the best of each harvest with the most careful elaboration. Creating Alto de la Caseta has been a challenge for the enological team and its excellence only further enhances and demonstrates the prestige of the Viña Pomal brand.

For this reason, Alto de la Caseta had to be inseparable from Viña Pomal in its graphic look and feel. The image had to share an identifiable family feel while expressing the higher status of this product, through a higher quality treatment of the elements that set it apart and by transmitting subtle elegance.

For Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta we created natural, untreated oak boxes containing one or four bottles. The wine brand and that of Bodegas Bilbaínas are branded into the outside of the boxes and inside customers find printed materials in which the enological team presents the wine and explains how it is made.

This execution is part of the global project Viña Pomal.

Viña Pomal, Global Project, Packaging

Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta Minisite
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Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta Minisite

As it is an extremely limited edition, the Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta minisite would be the main channel for communications and public relations regarding this wine. However, the wine’s category and Viña Pomal’s own personality led us to shy away from flashy visual effects often seen in digital media.

The solution was to focus on the images that tell the wine’s history and explain its winemaking process and, above all, to keep the presentation simple and calm, confident and elegant, as is befitting of the brand.

This execution is part of the global project Viña Pomal.

Viña Pomal, Global Project, Web