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Petfood Range Upgrading

Petfood Range Upgrading

Taking advantage of the capitalisation of a transverse benefit to this company’s products, a new identity and packaging design was developed aimed at providing greater perceived value to its two main brands, operating in the upper segments of the pet food market. Proposal for restructuring the brands and sub-brands, including the development of packaging for new product lines.


A feature of the pet food market is its rapid rate of innovation. In a market of great economic interest, the competition between large worldwide groups causes constant striving to better meet the expectations of the highly varied typologies of owners of dogs and cats as pets. This dynamism, conceptual in the first instance (new products, positionings, proposed benefits), leads to the frequent adaptation of packaging of brands and products, as this is the main support for its communication to the professional-opinion leader channel and the ultimate purchaser.

Cotecnica is an agricultural cooperative which, using its knowledge of animal feed, decided to extend its business to the pet food market, achieving considerable development in both the domestic and international markets. In the face of the strength and ubiquity of the large brands, the alternative consisted of defining an effective brand profile for Cotecnica and creating products which, in each of the segments where they operate, they were able to offer excellent value for money. As regards the first point, our proposal concentrated on coherently rearranging the structure of brands and sub-brands, so that Cotecnica could receive all the value created from its new positioning. This generation of added value for the Cotecnica brand had to come about through totally renewed packaging, from the interest aroused in the market by the new range of products of its main brands, Optima and Maxima.

Cotecnica, Strategy

Optima Range
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Optima Range

The Optima range operates in the pet food category known as Premium, with products that are sold through specialist establishments and which exclude the feed channel. It is an extremely competitive category, dominated by large global brands. In this context, the strategic alternatives for a brand like Cotecnica’s Optima could be simplified into two diametrically opposed ones. You can completely imitate the leading brands and sell yourself as a “me-too” at the price the market lets you or, conversely, strive to be and appear as a different and attractive option, defending your image and your margin. Although the second alternative undoubtedly involves more risks, it is the only one which offers the chance to build a brand with a future.

The new Optima range presents the important benefit of including fresh meat, something unique in its product category and which stands out in its packaging. Consistent with the above, another unique trait of the new Optima is its look, more qualitative than most of the brands in its segment, which prioritise other perceptions. With the aim of ensuring the immediate recognition of the various products in the range, in each variety the colour of the top half of the packs changes, while in the bottom half, changes are made in the pet and the colour of the block containing all the information on the variety and its characteristics.

Cotecnica, Packaging

Maxima Range
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Maxima Range

In Cotecnica’s portfolio, Maxima is the brand positioned as high range and directed at the specialist channel. In terms of the main benefit that Cotecnica offers the market, it means that the Maxima products incorporate higher proportions of fresh meat in the formulation of their ingredients, reaching their highest level in Maxima Excellence and Maxima Grain Free.

One of the weak points of the previous design lay in differentiating the varieties, as there was very limited use of colour and the image of the pet was identical in all the products. These questions have been resolved in the new presentation.

With the mandate of maintaining the brand’s most outstanding visual feature, which is the black background of its bags, the new design has sought to gain in sophistication and interest by giving depth to the previous solid background.

Cotecnica, Packaging

Maxima Grain Free Cats Range
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Maxima Grain Free Cats Range

The success of the Grain Free concept launched for dog food gave rise to the same rationale applied to cats which, being felines, are originally carnivores. As a result of this, the Maxima Grain Free range has also been extended to three new varieties for cats.

Cotecnica, Packaging

Maxima Grain Free Dogs Range
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Maxima Grain Free Dogs Range

The main feature of the Maxima Grain Free range is that it does not contain cereals. In other words, it offers a composition that responds to what a dog’s natural food would be if it were in the wild. As a descendant of wolves, the organism of any dog is that of a carnivorous animal which, on its own impulse, can occasionally consume fruit or vegetables, but never grain.
This rationale perfectly completes Cotecnica’s positioning of offering unbeatable levels of fresh meat in its top ranges. In Maxima Grain Free this involves reaching up to 70% meat in the total content, a percentage which is strongly highlighted on the packs by means of a table, together with the zero percentage of cereals. The evocative power of this particular super-premium food concept is reinforced by converting the black background of the top part of the packs into an appealing landscape.

Cotecnica, Packaging

Maxima Grain Free Hypo-Allergenic Range

Maxima Grain Free Hypo-Allergenic Range

This is a range with an added plus as regards “Grain Free” food, offering a monoproteic food composition that helps to prevent the frequent allergies suffered by dogs.

This sub-range is differentiated by the white colour of its bags, which transforms into a snowy profile in the photograph at the top. The same structure of elements as the rest of the “Grain Free” range is highlighted over it.

Cotecnica, Packaging