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Upgrading Cavas Mas Pere

Upgrading Cavas Mas Pere

Complete redesign of a brand of cavas and of its entire range, revising the concept and its attractiveness in order to give a new boost to its penetration and volume in the off-premise channel of export markets, so as to consolidate the position reached in the current ones and support an imminent entry into markets in new countries.


Mas Pere is a range of cavas well established in certain markets in the north of Europe. Having achieved this penetration and the resulting regular level of volume exported is a particularly commendable success story, as Mas Pere cavas are situated at a high level in their target circle - the off-premise or food channel. This positioning is due to the high quality that Mas Pere offers and which has been recognised for years by the consumer who loyally purchases the brand in preference to much cheaper cava alternatives. On the other hand, the Mas Pere cavas have nothing to fear from similar or higher priced alternatives like French champagnes or Italian prosecchi.

In this regard, Mas Pere breaks the mould of having to lower prices and margins inexorably in order to achieve high volumes of cava exports. For Lateral Branding this fact was definitive proof of the intrinsic excellence of the product, as the visual promise that the packaging put over with regard to quality and Mas Pere’s capacity for attraction was very clearly improvable from our point of view.

Mas Pere, Strategy

Mas Pere Brand
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Mas Pere Brand

One of the requirements in the briefing for redesigning the Mas Pere brand was to maintain the shield that appears above the name. As a symbol, the shield combines a reference to a certain origin - e.g. family or geographic - and an appeal to a current value from the past, tradition.

In the international markets in which the brand operates, the association between “cava product” and being a “traditional production in Catalonia” was possibly not as evident as in this our country. In this regard, the presence of the Catalan shield was informative, although as a concept it does not provide any exclusiveness within the scope of mostly Catalan cava brands.

To give the presence of the shield on the label more significance we proposed associating it with the Latin motto “Vitis Cataloniae” (see image 2). As well as making it easy to identify the shield’s origin, this gave rise to explaining, for an audience not familiar with the subject, another highly outstanding feature of the cava - that by preference it uses indigenous grape varieties. From the graphic viewpoint, the text of the legend completes the ensemble presided over by a shield now dignified and more credible, flanked by two griffins (a legendary creature half eagle half lion) with ornamentation that reflects a real historic representation.

For the name, we chose a typography whose modern simplicity draws from classical sources, in a balance that reconciles today’s validity with the symbolism of yesterday.

Mas Pere, Brand

Mas Pere Cava Range
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Mas Pere Cava Range

Mas Pere offers seven different cavas. The baseline situation was that of a little-integrated range, which established a value scale by introducing double labelling, starting from a certain level (see image 3). However, the rather “ad hoc” solution of the presentation of each cava, combined with the conviviality of different bottles and tones of glass, contributed to a rather confused dispersion. Neither did it stand out in perception of value, as the combination of resources employed (stamping, reliefs, shield, etc.) did not succeed in adding either character or special attraction to a rather anodyne image.

The briefing aimed at gaining perceived value using a classic language, the original language of cava and champagne. As a product with an imagery of celebration, of consumption at special times, cheerful, bright and luxurious, dressing the Mas Pere cavas elegantly would confirm the promise of its quality, would more efficiently awaken this aspirational connection of the category and would fit in with its higher price positioning.

Like an haute couture dress in a dominant single tone, this was also the key to designing the range, which at the same time achieved the personalisation of each product and a differentiation at range level rendered coherent by an identical architecture. Each cava's label, neck and cap were matched in a single colour tone, displaying a monochrome design with a discrete and qualitative metallic matt. Only the “entry-range” cava and the two cavas at the opposite end - packaged in special bottles - break slightly with the uniformity by presenting white labels. The simple, centred architecture, presided over by the brand name with its re-valued shield, results in classic cavas which transmit undoubted quality, well crafted down to the last detail, with valuable modern restraint which displays wealth without ostentation.

Mas Pere, Packaging