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Pastoret Brand
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Pastoret Brand

When the name and graphics of a brand transmit a large amount of information about it, it must be ensured that the profile that creates its perception in the mind of the consumer is completely coherent with the positioning objectives. Otherwise communicating a great deal is dysfunctional.

This was the situation that arose with the long brand name “El Pastoret de la Segarra” (see image 2) which appeared associated with a naïve illustration of the person in question, a little shepherd. Complex and clumsy at the same time, overall the brand name evoked perceptions that in no way fitted the reality of the brand and even less what it wanted to be in the future.

The most relevant connotations that the logo put over, such as freshness and naturalness, were expressed from the packaging, thus lightening the overload of communication from the brand name. Here the decision to opt for an exclusively typographic brand name was vital, discarding any illustration which, whether through what it expressed or due to the style in which it was done, could polarise tastes and lose validity over time.

The brand bane was shortened by routinely using: “Pastoret”. Two of the brand’s original credentials were used alongside it: “La Segarra”, the agricultural and livestock region where it comes from, and “Familia Pont” which relates to the company’s family and artisan roots, as well as the personal commitment of those in charge to always offer high quality.

Pastoret, Global Project, Brand

Pastoret Yoghurts 125g
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Pastoret Yoghurts 125g

Best Packaging Gold Award 2012.

The visual tenet of yoghurts is defined by the great players of the market in cold food shelves. With their plastic moulded trays, their labelling shows a great deployment of colours, shapes and messages following the impact of brands and sub-brands and of the identification of the variety, a distinction that becomes increasingly complex with the line extensions. As a field of play removed from the interests of a brand like Pastoret, we wanted to get away from this visual code and establish an own code capable of communicating greater value.

It was clear that up to that point the Pastoret 125 g yoghurts had not done this (see image 3) Prior to the new design, the visual chaos of their appearance was, if anything, accentuated by concentrating the information in a top-lid, maintaining the same white plastic container for all the varieties.

To begin with, the plastic was abandoned in favour of using a waxed cardboard tub, similar to those used for ice creams. The packaging permitted personalised decoration for each flavour by creating illustrations with great quality of production. As regards the design, in contrast to the visual noise that dominates the shelves, the Pastoret products succeed in creating their own qualitative, simple and quiet space. The painstaking, conscientious preparation, the cleanness and the freshness make up a generalised perception of looking at a product of a different quality - superior, intended only for the consumer’s pleasure and enjoyment.

Pastoret, Global Project, Packaging

Pastoret Yoghurts 500g
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Pastoret Yoghurts 500g

Best Packaging Gold Award 2012.

In Pastoret’s commitment to differentiation, the introduction of a new and unusual 500g yoghurt format was proposed. As with the 125 g format, it was decided to use a distinctive waxed cardboard packaging which, in this case, included a lid in the same material.

In particular, the height of this format permits an elegant and balanced vertical arrangement, which begins with the brand name and closes at its base with the attractive illustrations created for the five varieties on offer - natural yoghurt, sugared yoghurt, strawberry, peach-passion fruit and raspberry.

The final aim pursued was for both the painstaking production process and the promise of quality and pleasure when sampling these yoghurts to be inferred and made credible just by looking at their packaging. Or what is the same, to achieve a highly effective impact on consumers that leads them to confirm the good initial impression by purchasing the product.

The reactions aroused to date in current and potential customers, in the distribution channels and in the domestic and international markets, seem to confirm that this has been achieved beyond all expectations.

Pastoret, Global Project, Packaging

Pastoret Caprichos de Yoghourt
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Pastoret Caprichos de Yoghourt

The success of the response to the launching of the Pastoret range under the name of “Caprichos de Yoghourt” (Yoghurt Whims) was key to defining the general direction the company was going to take. Among other consequences, it contributed to defining the positioning which has led to the new design of the brand and of all the products by Lateral Branding.

With eight very attractive varieties, each “Capricho” consists of a creamy, Greek-style yoghurt between two layers of flavours, creating combinations as original and evocative as, for example, a yoghurt with a base of pistachio sauce and finished off with a white chocolate cream.

The initial success of the "Caprichos" was undoubtedly due to the product’s intrinsic quality, as the other factors did not help in this regard. Suffice it to say that they were launched in plastic packaging and with a general appearance inconsistent with a sophisticated and highly priced product profile which had been devised for being served in restaurants. However, the inappropriateness of the appearance did not prevent the product from gaining the esteem of a consumer who found it in gourmet retail stores such as delicatessens, select cooked meat stores, etc.

The development of a new volume for a personal glass pot was the essential step towards ennobling the product’s appearance and not impeding its potential to reach a wider selective distribution, including the catering industry. As an individually sold product, we did not want to conceal the visual attraction of a product with three layers through the glass. All the information on each “Capricho” is concentrated in a booklet tied around the small jar with string. A treatment which emphasises the qualitative and simple line of Pastoret packaging and which seeks to induce consumers to try a product which, when doing so, is so good that it is not forgotten.

Pastoret, Global Project, Packaging

Pastoret dairy products upgrading

Pastoret dairy products upgrading

Design of the brand and packaging identity of all the products, both current and under development, for the purpose of supporting the growth strategy in the distribution and renown of a brand which operates in the yoghurts and dairy products market. The aim was to reflect the brand’s premium positioning based on offering an outstanding and superior organoleptic pleasure resulting from a process that respects the original handcrafted production.


With products that respond to both very traditional and highly innovative profiles, the Pastoret language of quality is rooted in continuing to apply production practices appropriate to its origin as a cottage industry. Although growth often causes the abandonment of these practices in favour of greater productivity and costs saving, at Pastoret the desire to grow takes just the opposite line: at all costs maintaining special production that ensures the differentiation of a superior culinary value.

Transferred to the design, we sought to get across the pleasure that is created by something produced with the utmost handcrafted care. The visual path chosen to express this is not the usual one in food products, in which handcrafted production is normally made credible from the highly traditional aspect, often recreating a coarse and antique feel, even a “village” feel. On the contrary, the idea of craftsmanship we wanted to get across was that of simply conceiving and doing things conscientiously for the sole purpose of giving us great satisfaction, whether it is dessert, a good made-to-measure suit or a car with superior performance or finishes.

Pastoret, Global Project, Strategy

Pastoret Cottage Cheese

Pastoret Cottage Cheese

The fresh cow and goat milk cheeses are currently one of the most prevalent of Pastoret’s specialities on the mass distribution cold food shelves. Located together with a competition whose appearance mostly responds to the impact tenets of high consumption, their contained and neat style, common to Pastoret products, establishes their own space. The presence of the Pastoret fresh cheeses thus stands out and is differentiated, while it communicates a highly personal perception of superior quality.

Pastoret, Global Project, Packaging

Organic yoghurts range
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Organic yoghurts range

Food products made with organic ingredients are already a premium option in an increasingly widespread consumption. In the case of Pastoret yoghurts, it is another valuable element to add to the many that they already have and that contribute to a richer and more pleasant consumption experience. Like the quality of the milk, which comes from cows that graze free, the slower and more careful preparation that gives a natural creaminess without having to add cream and others.

The range, which includes four varieties with fruit preparations and one of Greek yoghurt, had to have a very personal presence. As the appreciation of the product is important, the glass container of Pastoret is used. The definitive differentiation has been to place the fruit component in a layer between the two layers of yoghurt; a unique and identifying feature that is also ideal for tasting. The packaging conveys the ecological condition of the product from the kraft strip and the seal that informs from the side facing, on the attractive vision of the yoghurt.

Pastoret, Packaging

Organic chocolate cream

Organic chocolate cream

Within the assortment of organic desserts, Pastoret presents its recipe for chocolate cream, with a particularly mild flavour, using selected organic milk and cocoa. The presentation is parallel to that of the Caprichos range of desserts: decorated operculum, booklet with all the information and the exclusive Pastoret jar, this time in ceramic instead of glass.

Pastoret, Packaging


Pastoret "Mató" cheese

“Mató” is a traditional Catalan cottage cheese normally eaten as a dessert, soaked in honey and accompanied by nuts. Pastoret’s new image converts a product with an efficient packaging but also very common into something much more personal, able to transmit the simplicity, care and freshness of craftsmanship. Not surprisingly, the excellent quality and the taste of the “mató” that Pastoret has traditionally produced constitutes one of the company’s foundations for growth.

Pastoret, Global Project, Packaging