At LATERAL BRANDING we build brand communication. The aim of our work is to mould perceptions of the products and brands our clients trust us with, in two consecutive steps: conceptualization and design.

More and more, we are creating integral branding projects. We first define the conceptual platform that will connect the different executions, and then apply it consistently.

Created in August 2007, LATERAL BRANDING has ample experience in the three areas of expertise we consider key to generating brand image in the marketplace:

- Marketing and strategic conceptualization that, stemming from a deep understanding of the brand and its competitive environment, ensures that creativity is applied correctly and that the design is efficient.

- Design, both graphic and volumetric, on any kind of communication element.

- Graphic reproduction techniques, which allow a good design to grow and gain relevance from the early identification and final control of the most suitable industrial process.


We believe that devising things based on common sense and making them real in a distinctive, personal way is the most solid guarantee of creating brand value. Our aim is for our brands to stand out, gaining a higher perceived worth to attract consumers saturated with options and messages. The conceptual and visual differentiation of the product is the path to capture their attention, the premise for the project's competitive efficacy.

Conceptualization. Common sense in strategy.

A meaningful idea built on common sense is the real source of the best and brightest findings, of the simple and powerful idea we identify as pure strategic wit.

At LATERAL BRANDING we strive for efficacy in our brand projects, first, by standing out thanks to a solidly elaborated concept. We strain to learn more, leaving nothing to chance; tying up loose ends until the whole idea makes sense. A project briefing could be compared to the tip of the iceberg visible above the waterline; the main part lies hidden below the surface. Only by understanding, more and better, can we find the right path and, from then on, it is possible to find the proper conceptual key for each project.

Design. Highlight the distinction.

An excellent product cannot be regarded as such if it is not perceptibly different. The competitive advantages only appear after the relevant distinctive brand traits have been capitalised on and widely spread. Investing in making these assets obvious through brand imagery, beginning with the product itself, is a profitable decision due to its high impact on the targeted consumer.

Once the objective has been identified, creativity is a path which requires as much effort and dedication as personal inclination and skill. Even so, visual creativity is never the target but the instrument to achieve it. A good proposal, distinctive, aesthetic and well executed, is like a battering ram capable of breaking down any resistance, using physical presence to achieve a brand perception objective that attracts, convinces and sells.